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I help women, men and teens cope with change, conquer worry, build healthy self-esteem, express feelings effectively, improve their relationships and make peace with their pasts.

All are welcome regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, military status or history of legal problems.

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Individual therapy can be intimidating at first. Who tells their most private thoughts and feelings to a complete stranger? I will do what I can to help you feel comfortable with putting yourself out there. You set the pace. We're in it together.

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Trauma has become a buzzword in the news, schools and communities. There are big traumas and little traumas. What one person experiences as traumatic, another might not. The one true thing about unresolved trauma is that it can throw wrenches into our relationships, into our daily functioning and into feeling like a whole, living person. It underlies most of the problems in our lives and affects all kinds of people. Even the most courageous among us can benefit from help. Don't just be a hero -- allow yourself to be human. To learn more about EMDR Therapy, click here.

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Our lives can be hectic and it can be challenging to find that hour or two to get away for ourselves. Telehealth provides a solution. I use a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform to offer live, interactive video sessions. Sessions are scheduled in advance and occur in the privacy of your home, office or other location. A strong internet connection and a device with a webcam and microphone are required (available with most smartphones, tablets and computers). It's a way for help to come to you.

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